How to Treat Dog Bite at Home

Dog Bite

For dog bites we are aware of anti rabies injections, but there are a few home remedies that are also available to cure dog_bitesthe wounds. Though the professional assistance is very much needed but at the same time you have some easy options for healing.

•    Firstly wash the area properly with hot water, then use the soap to clean the area. Proper washing can remove the salvia which can prevent further infections. You can also use cold water & lastly use sterile gauze on the affected area.

•    Garlic is believed to be a natural antibiotic & is able to treat dog bite. Consume a few cloves of garlic regularly thrice a day (until the injury is cured).

•    Burdock has also been recommended for removing the venom from your body that was caused by dog bite.

•    Crush the cumin seeds (two tsp) along with water & 20 black pepper corns. Spread the mixture on the affected area. It’s believed that cumin is able to protect from the toxic outcomes of the bite.

•    Crush the walnuts & take equal quantity of onion along with salt & honey. Now apply the mixture on the damaged area.

•    Several experts believed that for producing antibiotic vitamin B can help you as well as for protecting infections vitamin C can support you.

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