How to tackle eye fatigue: some home remedies

After a busy day our eyes turn tired as well as fatigued. They will need something refreshing to spend the rest of the eye_fatigueday. Here you will get various solutions for your tired eyes, which are easily available at your home.

•    For some relief from congestion as well as for nerve soothing you can apply the cold & warm water alternatively. This process has also been recommended for increasing your circulation.

•    To prepare the eye pads arrange for some cotton wool & plunge them into decrepit tea. Use this eye pad on the closed eyes.

•    Use the cool water to splash on your eyes. You can also use the boiled & cooled water.

•    You can also use the rose water to soak the cotton wool & then use them as an eye pad. It will give you some healthy texture around the eyes.

•    Around the skin of your eyes you can also use the cucumber juice as well as slices of cucumber.

•    Always purchase good quality products for your eye make-up. If you experience any unwanted situation immediately stop applying that.

•    In a little bit of water soak the fennel seeds. Allow it to soak for almost overnight. Then boil the water and use it to wash your eyes.

•    Potato juice (need to apply on the area) has the potential to lower the puffiness around your eyes.

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