How to handle swelling of feet during pregnancy

Swelling of Feet

Swelling of feet during the third trimester of pregnancy is quite a common problem. Such a situation is also known as feet1edema. Some common reasons of such medical condition are:  deficiency of potassium in your diet, enhancing blood volume, increase in the uric acid level in your blood, standing for a long duration etc.

•    You need to keep you body hydrated. So make sure that you cut down the alcoholic drinks as well as coffee from your diet.

•    For treating the feet swelling barley water has been identified to be quite effective.

•    Your feet need some quality rest. Keep your feet in a little up position & relaxed.

•    Into two cups of water boil some coriander seeds. Allow it to boil till the quantity is reduced to one cup. It will give you some relief from the swelling feet.

•    To make your body healthy you need to get some well balanced foods, which can supply all the necessary nutrients.

•    Make sure that you are keeping your distance from the salty food products.

•    You can also place your feet under the cold water for almost 0-15 minutes, just before going for some rest. It will give you some effective remedy.

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  • Posted December 22, 2009 6:12 am
    by The Pregnancy Zone

    Keeping the feet under running water for 15-20 minutes is one special rememdy for getting rid of swollen feet during pregnancy.I have tried works!

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