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How to get ripped muscles?

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RipsSix pack and washboard abdomens are phrases used to describe ripped muscles. Many people want ripped muscles but are not sure how to get them in ways that do not involve actually tearing muscle tissue. All it takes to develop the ripped muscle look is determination and doing the right things.

1. Weight Training –Weight training improves muscle tone and reduces flabby limbs and stomachs. Despite the name weight training can be performed without dumb bells. A person looking to develop the ripped muscle look should do weight training three times a week.

2. Cardiovascular Exercise — Many people who begin weight training ignore cardiovascular exercise. Doing aerobic exercises that stimulate the heart muscle also burns more calories and increases your endurance. Perform cardiovascular exercise workouts two times a week.

3. Eat Small Meals Every Three Hours — Rather than eating three large meals at set times during the day, eat small meals every 3 hours. Eating smaller meals in greater frequency causes the body to store less fat. Make sure that the small meals contain enough carbohydrates to supply your energy needs.

4. Drink Plenty of Water — Water is a necessary part of any fitness program. As tempting as it is to drink soda or other flavored drinks, the chief advantage of water is that it contains no calories. Drinking somewhere between six to eight cups of water a day is recommended.

5. Eat Proteins and Carbohydrates — It is no secret that the body uses proteins to build muscle. Equally as unsurprising is that carbohydrates in the form of starches are what the human body uses for its energy supply.

6. Get Plenty of Rest Besides keeping people you in a good mood, sleep allows the body to build muscle and heal injuries. All the adaptations in the body occur while sleeping. Failing to get enough sleep wastes the body’s extra effort and getting too much sleep reduces your energy levels.



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