Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be called as an acute loose motion, with pains or cramps. People can even experience nausea & headache.  It is a painful obstacle to our healthy smooth life. Excessive motion makes us feel weak & we started feeling drowsy. It is not a un- solving problem, we have several home treatments which are useful to treat diarrhea, though in a few cases we need professional advices.

•    Because of diarrhea your body looses lots of fluids, so drinking plenty of water is the best way to fill that gap & protect your body from dehydration.

•    Supply of lactose, an intestinal enzyme which is required to digest diary product can be lowered because of diarrhea, so for few days keep your distance from dairy products.

•    Spicy foods, junk foods, foods containing fiber require invalidating for a few days.

•    Yogurt is a source of several good digestive bacteria which are wasted during the motions, so curd/yogurt has been recommended for eating.

•    Drinks full of vitamins & minerals like- Gatorade & other several sport drinks are good remedies for such condition.

•    Charcoal has the potential to detoxify the kidney & liver, it is able to give some relief from diarrhea, vomiting etc.

•    Carrot juice, blackberry tea, ginger tea which can give you relief from cramps are also recommended for an excellent treatment.

•    Mix four tbsp of honey into the eight ounce water & consume it. It can give you some relief from the diarrhea.

•    You can even create a mixture of amla (Indian gooseberry), sugar & lemon juice, it is good reliever of diarrhea.

•    Boil two cups of water & then let it cool, pour three spoons of black pepper along with half spoon kelp, now drink the mixture. It is beneficial for diarrhea.

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