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HIVs and Remedial Hopes

by Ana

1. STDs & HIVs fatal

STDs and HIV Aids have become the major threat to the people of Global world. Every day, numerous people are indulging in the infection. The sexually transmitted diseases are increasing because of the open sexually intercourses and brothel houses.

2. Remedial conduct pro HIVs

Therefore the scientists have been continuously investigating the fatal of HIVs. They have proved an investigation that the scientific researches are sufficient to organize the remedial conduct pro HIV enduring.

3. Luxurious HIVs labs

The investigators are saying that the labs of HIVs are dam costly for the research and investigations. The tools and methodologies are being taken on a higher amount of level. The scientists are not caring the patients of HIVs.

4. Costly medications

Moreover the drugs of the AIDs are very expensive. They are become very difficult to buy. For the time being it seems to be likely, HIVs medication is only for the rich, poor’s cannot bear the drugs, so they could resist shortly and die.

5. Rich benefits

Meanwhile the scientists are committing that no doubt the investigational laboratory as well as the drugs of HIVs is for the rich. A poor cannot hold the STDs drugs. Therefore they are trying their best to produce the inexpensive version of the labs and drug of the HIVs.

6. Welfare organizations role

In this way the international NGOs are playing a significant role to discover the cheap way of HIVs. World Health Organization is trying its best by conducting various socio-economic surveys of the Aids virus.

7. Internationally oriented investigations

They are doing their researches and field works on the poorest countries of the world. That is the HIVs most affected countries such as India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The officials of the WHOs are saying that the CD4 reckoning would be an influential choice in these countries instead of the viral consignment.

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