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HIV Sweeps Back in MSM

by Ana

hiv2.jpgAmong U.S. males ages 13 to 24, cases climbed up to 12 percent

According to U.S. health officials report, there is an alarming increase of HIV cases among men especially young one who have sex with men.
The term that has been used for these people by Public health experts is “men who have sex with men” or MSM as several among them neither homosexual nor even bisexual.

According to a report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, It has been noted that during 2001 to 2006, the largest HIV transmission group in the U.S was male-to-male sex group.

The greatest increase was of 12.4 percent among 13 to 24 years old males who had sex with other males and the increase was even more in ethnic minorities.

CDC health officials stated in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, “We need to improve, strengthen and implement prevention strategies among all ethnicities to decrease the transmission of HIV among those males who have sex with males.

Most people cut their high-risk sexual behavior when they know that they are HIV positive and that is why frequent tests are important, the report further adds.

The report also informs about the trends in identifying of HIV/AIDS in those 33 states that make name-based HIV case reporting in a confidential way.

Out of 214,349 diagnosed cases during the period of study, almost 46 percent among them were those males who had sex with males. A decline was noted in all other transmission categories like intravenous drug users, sex-workers and other source of transmission of the disease.

The yearly percentage change in all those males who have sex with men was 1.5 percent and a large majority among them was consisted of the 13 to 24 year age category.

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