Help your Premature Baby Sleep Safely

Premature babies are fragile and delicate for a long time as you would know Momsand thus special care should be taken of them so that they are kept safely away from all the conditions and dangerous ailments that are probable of affecting a child who is prematurely born.While they sleep for example, if you follow certain parenting precautions for helping them sleep in the right way you can have some peace of mind of their safety. These steps however you must follow after your premature baby has come safely home.You must make sure for example, that your baby sleeps on his or her back no matter how short a period of time it is that he sleeps for.

If your prematurely born baby happens to sleep on his stomach there are increased risks such as breathing in carbon dioxide or even the tendency to overheat themselves. It would always therefore be safer to make your child sleep on their back. Make sure that your baby sleeps alone inside a safe and firm crib with a strong mattress; it is not safe for such a delicate baby to share beds with moms or anybody as there is always the risk of rolling over and hurting your child.

Also, when your child sleeps remove all kinds of loose and soft blankets and soft toys and pillows etc as all that could possibly suffocate your child. Remove all that from harm’s way in which your baby could entangle themselves. Apart from this, the obvious thing that you have to be very careful about is that your child’s head is not swaddled by anything and in fact remains uncovered. If proper care is not taken, it could again lead to suffocation or re-breathing of carbon dioxide all of which are very dangerous.

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