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Get rid of nail fungus

by Souti

Onychomycosis or nail fungus can affect your health by contaminate fingernails & toenails. Several people across the world are suffering with this problem.

•    Clean your feet in a daily basis with hot water and soap/shampoo. After that wash & dry your feet properly.
•    Shoes should be as per your comfort & size. Shoe with soft upper part  & firm sole is excellent choice for daily movements.
•    Don’t repeat your socks, change it daily.
•    Toenails should be shaped neatly.
•    Try to use quality foot products.
•    To get a fresh feel you can use foot powder.
•    Don’t use extremely tight socks, it helps to sweat your foot.
•    Don’t apply any polish on infected nails.
•    Try to get some home remedies for pedicure. For this you can contact with doctors.
•    Avoid things that make your nail sweat.
•    Always dry your hands properly after washing.
•    Orange oil is an excellent home remedy for this problem.
•    Vinegar is also a good remedy for nail fungus. You can directly apply this on your nail or soak your nail in basin with equal proportion of lukewarm water & vinegar.
•    Tea tree oil is a rich source of antifungal properties.
•    Even Vicks vapour rub is recommended as a good remedy for this problem.

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