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Get Rid Of Eczema

by Souti

eczemaEczema is a kind of itchy inflammation on the skin. It is also known as dermatitis. This is a common skin problem for all ages. People get worried because it makes your appearance little different. But there are ways to lower the problem, which can give you some relief.

  • Alkali is an affective option for eczema cure; try to modify your diet with foods having alkali content.
  • Try to apply herbal lotion/cream; don’t use things full of chemical contents. You can go for professional advices also.
  • Try to improve your digestive system & get rid of acidity.
  • Excessive perfumed lotion can irritate your skin; keep your distance perfumed lotion.
  • Neem leaves is a useful remedy for eczema, you can use neem water or make a paste of turmeric & neem & apply on the body. You can even buy products which contain neem.
  • Wash your skin properly; try to avoid soap with synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, drying alcohols.
  • Normal cool water is perfect to wash your body.
  • Never ever scrub on eczema. If you want to scrub normal skin then only purchase 100 % cotton material.
  • To moisturize your skin after bath buy special eczema cream or lotion after consulting your dermatologist.
  • Sometimes foods can increase the problem so be careful about what you eat. Few of the problematic foods are shellfish, wheat, nuts, eggs etc.
  • Try to consume vitamins which are effective for eczema. You can consult your doctor regarding the vitamins.
  • Eczema can flare-up because of high stress levels. Try to reduce your stress & live a happy life.
  • You can apply ice pack on the area to get some relief from irritation.
  • Few studies even reveal that condense milk, oatmeal bath, Shea butter can give you some relief from excessive dryness because of eczema.

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