Folic Acid Is Linked To Cancer: Study Revealed

Folic acid has been long considered as a very important nutrient that can help in the prevention of the tragic birth defects and from about a decade many different governments of the world have focused on the production of foods enriched with folic acid or synthetic form of Vitamin B.

Folic AcidThese foods were artificially boosted up with extra folic acids and some of the common are: cereal, nutrition bars and beverages etc. and these are the food which majority of people takes in their daily breakfast.
Since the time of boosting folic acids in food products, researchers have also started studying the effects of these synthetic fibers on the health of people.

A study has been revealed in the Journal of the American Medical Association some months ago and it suggests that the extra folic acid might increase the chances of getting cancer.

Folic acid researcher David Smith, PhD, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Oxford in England, said a statement that “The more we learn about folic acid, the more it’s clear that giving it to everyone has very real risks”. Along with these studies some of the researches conducted in other parts of the world also show that these ingredients can have drastic effects on lungs and they can also cause prostate cancer.

So the food manufacturers must take serious steps in reducing the amount of folic acid in the foods as the cancer rates can drastically increase due to maximum consumption of these food by majority of people.

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