Emphysema: Some natural ways of keeping it in check

Emphysema is a type of lungs disorder. It makes the air sacs thin, a condition which is also familiar as bronchioles. The ultimate result is breathlessness, but there are various ways of treating this condition.

•    People suffering from emphysema should follow a very restricted diet for the first 9-10 days. They can consult with a professional for a proper diet.

•    They should live in a pollution free healthy atmosphere.

•    Consuming a tsp of lemon juice at different times during a day can give you some effective results.

•    Chewing garlic cloves is also recommended as a remedy of emphysema. Garlic extract can also be poured in the vegetable juices and that cocktail can act as a remedy.

•    Prepare a mixture of brown sugar (1 tsp) & aniseed oil (nine drops). Eat the mixture in a daily basis. It can give you some relief.

•    People suffering from emphysema should avoid smoking.

•    Make the mixture of amaranth juice along with the honey & consume it daily (once).

•    Because of emphysema people can lose weight, so try to consume energy oriented foods that can help you to gain the lost energy.

•    People suffering from emphysema should maintain a regular exercise routine, like walking or deep breathing etc.

•    Vitamin E & C have also been recommended as an outstanding remedy for the emphysema. Try to consume foods that contain these vitamins.

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