Eating Patterns During Pregnancy can Lead to Offspring’s Obesity

A researcher Susan Brady says that in Pregnancy a woman eats for two and it has completely new meaning. It is found through researches that mother’s diet during Pregnancy can change the child’s DNA through a process known as Epigenetic Change. This change can cause weight gain at the later stages in life. Pregnant woman should take moderate amount of chocolate bars, French fries, fast food etc.

It is a fact that eating healthy food during Pregnancy can lead to a good baby’s health but at the same time the researchers have also found that there is a link between good diet and child’s obesity. It is found that mother’s diet can make Genetic Changes that help to gain Fatty Tissues.

A research conducted in the University of Southampton Studied the 300 children from Womb to their childhood and analyzed the extent of chemical change of DNA in Umbilical Cord and found that Epigenetic Changes plays a vital role in making children obese at 6 or 9 years of age.

Researcher Keith Godfrey says that obesity is just not linked to the combination of Genes and eating habits, it I also associated with the development of baby in the Womb.

Eating well in the Pregnancy is beneficial for both baby and the mother, if a woman puts too much weight during Pregnancy, it will difficult fir her to put off that weight after delivery.

Unhealthy eating can lead to high rates of complications like developing High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or requiring a Cesarean Section.

It is good for both mother and the baby to monitor the weight gain, food intake, exercise and dietary supplements during Pregnancy. Pregnant woman can take guidance from midwife; they can provide you with healthy tips and guidelines for a comfortable Pregnancy.

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