Easy Tricks for Carpel tunnel syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also known as median neuropathy at the wrist. When the median nerve is squeezed at your arthritis_carpel_tunnel_syndrome1wrist, it can lead to muscle weakness as well as numbness, paresthesias etc, this situation is called carpal tunnel syndrome.  Though the situation requires some professional guidance, but we will get various home remedies as well.

•    Yoga has also been recommended for the carpal tunnel syndrome. It will also help you to lower the pain.

•    For lessening the swelling as well as encouraging the nerve, acupressure have been found to be quite beneficial.

•    Hand exercises like- stretching fingers, moving your wrist in different directions, pressing the rubber ball etc are quite useful for carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also take some proper guidance from a specialist yoga teacher.

•    While working on the computer, always use a support when you are using mouse or typing. Never try to over use your wrist.

•    Vitamin B 12 is found to be very much useful for carpal tunnel syndrome. So try to take vitamin B 12 for some useful remedy.

•    While you are riding bike or doing something that needs the hand exposure always remember to wear globes (specially in winter). It will protect your hands (wrist, forearms, hands) from cold.