According to recent news, several American doctors have been found to have insufficient noesis for epilepsy treatment among children.

A survey has been conducted in central Texan area among neurosurgeons, family doctors as well as pediatrician. They were trying to assess whether these professionals were following the proper guideline, while their patient is a kid suffering from epilepsy. Some of these participants were also not quite aware of the constitute intractable epilepsy as well as when their young patients were advised surgical valuation & the particular classifications of seizures can react to surgical treatment.

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According to researchers from Dell Children’s Medical Center, in Austin as well as University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, along with the misinformation, they were also nurturing noticeable gaps in drug treatment noesis. Their lack of knowledge about the perfect time (when & how many seizures after) for prescribing anti-convulsing drug for their patients. These people have no clear idea about the required number of unsuccessful tries of drug treatment before thinking about another type of drug free therapy.

This research has been placed on the table at San Diego, during American Epilepsy Society’s annual meeting. According to Dr. Freedom Perkins it is necessary that practice standards are maintained in order to achieve optimal success in controlling seizures and there improving the quality of life of patients suffering from patients. He believed that these findings are not unique to Texas only. He believes that if health care providers are not well informed then success cannot be achieved. So it is necessary to improve knowledge first.

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