Diabetic Cake: Low-Calorie Cheese Cake

low-calori1Diabetes is a common problem among people in the present world. People of any age can suffer from this disease. It can lead to other chronic diseases so early treatment & healthy living with proper nutrition is very important.
Through this cake recipe you will get the taste of cheese cake but not the extra fat. Without any profanation it will offer you the taste of cheese cake. This is an appropriate dessert for people suffering from diabetics.


1.    Ricotta cheese (low fat)- 12 oz
2.    Fruit (sweet)- 3/4c
3.    Eggs- 4 c (separated)
4.    Lemon- 1 (grated peel)
5.    Cottage cheese (low fat)- 12 oz
6.    Graham crackers- 3 (crushed finely)
7.    Milk powder (non instant)- 2/3c
8.    Pure vanilla- 2 tsp
9.    Lemon juice- 3-4 tbsp
10.    For pan- Butter or oleo

•    Place the fruits & egg yolks in the blender & blend properly.
•    Pour milk powder in the mixture & blend until it gets the uniform consistency.
•    Now add lemon juice, vanilla & cheese mixture . Blend again.
•    Take a medium sized bowl & beat the egg whites.
•    Beat till you get the foamy texture & add to the blender.
•    Blend again for almost 5-8 seconds.
•    Take a pan & apply butter on the bottom & ½ ways up on the side of the pan.
•    On the butter create an equal coating with graham cracker crumbs.
•    Pour the mixture in the pan & bake at 350 degree temperature with a pan of water in the same oven just to hinder drying.
•    Bake it for almost 45-50 minutes. Remove from oven & let it cook.
•    Cut into medium pieces & serve.

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