Devilled Eggs

In diabetes people can experience tiredness with very little urge for any sort of activities. Frequent visits to the deviled-eggs1washroom are one of the major sign of diabetes. It also can be the cause of vaginal infection as well as is able to enhance your blood pressure level. Sometimes it even leads to several heart ailments. So you need to control your lifestyle specially your food habit. But when you are suffering from diabetes, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all tasty things. With some conscious process you can get the taste of your favourite foods.


1.    Cottage cheese (fat free) – 1/3 cup
2.    Salt- As per taste
3.    Egg (large sized) – 12 (hard boiled)
4.    Mayonnaise (low fat) – ¼ cup

5.    Fresh chives/scallion greens – 3 tbsp (diced)
6.    Yellow mustard- 2 tsp
7.    Sweet pickle relish- 1 tbsp
8.    Paprika- For decoration


•    Use a sharp knife to chop the eggs lengthwise into halves.
•    Slowly remove the yolks.
•    From these 24 yolk halves use only 16.
•    Place these 16 halves into a food processor along with the mayonnaise, salt, relish, and cottage cheese, mustard & chives/scallion greens.
•    Blend until you get the smooth texture.
•    Use a tsp & place two tsp of yolk mixture into the half portion of the hard boiled eggs.
•    Fill every half gently & sprinkle some paprika before serving.

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  • Posted November 24, 2009 4:22 pm
    by Brandy Thompson

    I am a diabetic as well as hypertensive patient. Can you please suggest me some healthy diet that will be good for my health, as I can’t eat so many foods due to diabetes.

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