Daily Precautions for Asthma Patients

Asthma is a chronic respiratory problem.  These patients needs proper care & needs to follow a particular life style.  In their daily life they might face some limitations, but it’s better to accept those limitations instead of trying to cross them.

•    Asthma patients are required to follow a particular routine. It has been revealed that people don’t experience intense struggle of asthma related problems if they follow certain regularities in their daily life.
•    Early morning is the best time for pure air; early morning walk is very useful for asthma patients, it’s good for the respiratory track.
•    People suffering from asthma needs to follow regular morning exercise, it’s not only good for your well being, but also refreshes your mood.
•    Try to consume easily digestible meals. Avoid spicy/rich foods. Indigestion can cause you discomfort.
•    Smoking can cause complete respiratory failure, so quit smoking immediately. Smoking fills up the system with toxins.
•    Asthma patients need to avoid drinking. Alcohol consumption means breaking of your daily routine.
•    Their surroundings should be dust free; dust can make the situation more complicated.
•    These patients need to live a stress free life; excessive excitement can increase the risk of asthmatic attack.
•    You need to accept the disease & live life as per the situation desired.

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