Cucumber-Tomato Raita

Cucumber helps to improve the digestive system. It can also improve the urine flow & helps to reduce kidney related raita1problems. It has the potential to control high & low blood pressure level. Cucumber is a natural eye pad & a useful remedy to lower protuberance around the eyes. It can control stomach disorder, cholera & constipation problems. Grated cucumber is a home remedy to give your skin a healthy look & glow.

250 gm- Cucumber
1/2 kg- Yogurt
2- Tomato
1 tbsp- Mint leaves (chopped)
1 tbsp- green chilli (chopped)
Black pepper powder & salt- As per taste
Cumin seed (black)- 1tbsp (roasted)

Wash the cucumber properly & peel it.
Grate the peeled cucumber & keep it in a separate container.
Wash the tomato & chop them into small pieces.
In a separate bowl beat the yogurt properly to get the desired consistency.
Add black pepper powder, salt, paste of green chilli & mint leaves. Stir continuously to mix well
Now add the cucumber & tomato pieces. Stir to mix well.
After mixing the ingredients properly sprinkle roasted cumin seeds all over.
The dish is now ready to serve.

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