Complementing your workout with a balanced diet

Proper eating before workout is as necessary as the exercise or the workout itself. Excessive food consumption can make you feel heavy. Having knowledge about the appropriate diet before workout is very much required.

Foods that you can consume up to 2 hours before your workout:

  • You should keep distance from the heavy fat containing food or foods that only contains protein or fibre. It can make you feel dilatory & your body will take some large periods of time to digest those foods.
  • Try to consume something light or easy to break down, like carbohydrates etc.
  • You can have a small portion of fresh fruits, like banana.
  • Vegetables with some low fat dip are also acceptable.
  • Prepare some small quantities of green salad with different veggies.
  • If you get some fresh berries then have them with plain yogurt.

After the exercise our body loses energy so we need to refuel them within 15-30 minutes after the workout:

  • You can arrange some fresh fruits & have them with plain yogurt.
  • Prepare some whole grain cereals with skimmed milk.
  • You can also have a glass of milk or chocolate milk.
  • Arrange for some protein shake which contains maximum 10 % of carbohydrates.

Foods that you should avoid up to 2 hours before the workout:

  • You need to keep distance from heavy meat meal.
  • Sugary snacks with candy, chocolate bars are also not good.
  • Foods that contain high protein are also not recommended.
  • You need to resist yourself from handful of nuts.
  • Try to control fascinating foods like omelet with eggs or ham or bacon.

Foods you should avoid for 30 minutes after of your work out:

  • Try to avoid scrambled eggs with cheese or bacon.
  • Don’t try to taste some candy or chocolates.
  • Foods that contain high fat, like burger, fried foods etc should also be avoided.
  • Though you are a coffee lover, try to control your caffeine intake & doughnuts at least 30 minutes after the workout.
  • Stop having nuts just after your workout.

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