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Colon Cancer Prevention

by Souti

Colon cancer is quite familiar these days. When cancer cells appear in the colon that condition is called colon cancer. With a few do’s & don’t in your regular activities you can lower the chances of colon cancer.

•    Never ignore any symptoms, immediately consult with your doctor.
•    Try to consume a balanced diet. Add lot of vegetables & fruits in your daily diet.
•    Over weight can cause several diseases, try to maintain a normal weight.
•    Exercise can reduce the risk & also is useful to prevent obesity, so exercise regularly.
•    If any of your family member has FAP or HNPCC then include the genetic counselling seriously as your colon cancer prevention process.
•    Discuss elaborately with your doctor regarding colon cancer in your family.
•    Don’t hide anything from your doctor. Explain everything whatever they want to know.
•    Quit smoking. Smoking/tobacco can increase the risk.
•    Minimum exposure to radiation is also recommended.

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