Classroom Stress can be Reduced by Walking to School

Being parents everyone tries to give as much comfort to their children as walking-to-schoolthey can but sometime some little effort and hard work is also required for the better growth of children, a new research carried by the University at Buffalo researchers has showed that walking to school may help in reducing the children’s stress throughout the day.

The findings of this research are not very unique one but it’s really good for those parents who always seek comfort and luxury for their children. This study was carried on 20 girls and 20 boys aged 10 to 14 and they were tested in the behavioral research laboratory.

During this research half of the children took a simulated ride to school, they sat on comfortable chairs and watched a 10 minute slide show that included images of suburban neighborhood.  While the other group did a one mile walk on treadmill at their pace and during their walk they were shown the slides of suburban neighborhood.

After the study it was found that the heart rate increased by three beats in children who walked and the change in their perceived stress was also found to be less than those children who rode.

While discussing on this issue the senior investigator James Roemmich, an associate professor of pediatrics and exercise and nutrition science said that “The cardiovascular disease process begins in childhood, so if we can find some way of stopping or slowing that process, that would provide an important health benefit”.

Thus the findings could be called as a better information for the parents who want the perfect growth for their children.

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