Nutrition & Fitness

A balanced diet with proper nutrition is must in our daily life. This category of Nutrition & Fitness is all about good diet, nutritious food, vitamins and minerals, healthy recipes, weight loss and diet plan.

Cucumber-Tomato Raita

Cucumber helps to improve the digestive system. It can also improve the urine flow & helps to reduce kidney related raita1problems. It has the potential to control high & low blood pressure level. Cucumber is a natural eye pad & a useful remedy to lower protuberance around the eyes. It can control stomach disorder, cholera & constipation problems. Grated cucumber is a home remedy to give your skin a healthy look & glow.

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Cabbage Soup

Cabbage has the potential to lower the risk of cancer. It also can prevent the heart diseases. Its a rich source of sodium cabbage-soup1& very much useful for those suffering with blood pressure related problems. Cabbage soup is considered to be used for pre-surgical heart patients. Its a good diet for those want to reduce excess weight. It helps to improve your constipation problems. Garnishing with cabbage can give your special dish an excellent look.

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Researchers report to find more effective obesity treatment

In their two new studies, the researchers report that they are quite near to find a new more effective treatment for obesity.

In one study, scientists managed to coax the brains of obese mice to precede a hormone known as leptin and that works to control appetite.


Dr. Umut Ozcan, the lead author of the study, says, “It is quite exciting as previously, leptin was considered a dead end in this connection.”

In the second study, the researchers got a new insight to an inherited trait that was associated to leanness in skinny people and seems to pack obese with extra weight.

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