Women’s Health

Pre-menopausal check list for women over 40

Women over 40 need to take some special care as they are about to enter the pre menopausal period. Instead of getting demoralized by your age, try to redefine your age.

•    Women over 40 should not think that it’s an end of their life & should not stop visiting their physicians.  It’s your new life & your physician can show you some helpful paths.

•    Revaluating calorie intake is very necessary for women over forty. They need to consume calorie according to their daily activities.

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Some small steps for preventing Heart ailments in Women

Heart disease is a common phenomenon in this stressful life. People are getting worse effects of the stressed life. In present scenario it can happen to anybody within any age group, but a few studies have recommended that women are more vulnerable for heart ailments.

•    Tobacco uses is one of the most likely ingredients which can enhance the chances of heart ailments. So try to eliminate this injurious habit.

•    Study reveals that women who are suffering from high blood pressure problem are very much vulnerable to heart diseases.

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Breastfeeding: A nice heart warming experience with some great health benefits

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every new mom. It is make them feel an emotional attachment with their babies.  Breast milk is complete nourishment for the infant. Those who didn’t have that opportunity might experience several ailments. Sometimes because of several reasons women fail to produce milk, so when you get the opportunity ensure that for you little one’s well-being.

Beneficial for baby:

•    For infants this is a total nutrition, because it contains water along with sugar, fat, protein etc.

•    Those infants who have been breastfeed for almost 6 months, they have less chance of gaining extra weight & their growth becomes very normal.

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Live Your Pregnancy Period

Every woman in this world wants a happy life with her family. Though modern age has deviated women’s focus from family to safe-pregnancycareer, majority still believes in successful marital life. Pregnancy is one of the most important and beautiful steps towards family expansion. It is associated with love, care and concern. It is very necessary for to be moms to visit their doctors regularly so as to avoid any immediate complication. They must remain up to date with information regarding pregnancy and problems thereof through internet, magazines as well as by moms . They should stay informed about week by week stages of pregnancy as it will help them a lot.

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Remedies for Sore Nipples

Blessing of motherhood always come with some difficulties, sore nipples is one of them. It is quite a common but painful problem for almost every breast feeding mother. They experience a hardened feeling, extreme pain etc. There are a few accessible ways there to eliminate this problem.
•    One of the best remedies for sore nipples is the breast milk. Spread a little amount of milk on the nipple surface & allow it to dry.

•    Another effective way is hair dryer. You can apply hair dryer on low temperature to dry your nipple. It can give you some soothing feeling from the uncomfortable feeling.

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Effects of Abortion Major or Minor

Abortion means murder of an innocent child. Most of the time women get pregnant out of adult enjoyment & latter when they realize their mistakes, it is too late for abortion. In modern medical science several other options are available for abortion, but most of the time it has some harmful side effects.

•    Abortion is such a process which can rupture the normal functions (mental or physical problems can happen) at the end of the pregnancy.
•    It might change the normal activities of ovum or uterus. Diseases like syphilis, tuberculosis can occur because of several drug uses.

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