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Biological Cause for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The body dysmorphic disorder is a very serious disease which manifests in the plan of perception. This means that people suffering from it have the feeling that they look very bad and this affects their daily activities badly. This perception that they have about themselves is caused by the malfunctioning of the brain, as this is the most affected part of the body in the case of body dysmorphic disorder. Experts consider that the general effects of this disorder are not obvious and they cannot be easily noticed and diagnosed.


There is not any clear cause for the body symptomatic disorder; however scientists and researchers have studied the subject and have reached the conclusion that there are some factors causing some effects of body symptomatic disorder. These causes that have been researching upon are biological or psychological and even cultural factors.

The body dysmorphic disorder usually manifests in the case of mature people. Most scientists say that it is mainly a psychological disorder that leads to an obsession about the way they look. There are numerous ways of manifestation of the body dysmorphic disorder regarding mature people and these ways depend on increasingly numerous factors.

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HIV positive and Aids- Comprehensive Analysis

What is the difference Between AIDS and HIV?

It is surprising that even though HIV/AIDS happens to be one of the most alarming causes for untimely death, only a select few are appropriately enlightened about it. To begin with, HIV (the abbreviated version of human immunodeficiency virus) is the infection or the virus, to say it more correctly, that is regarded as the root cause or the source of the fatal life-taking disease called the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, popularly known as AIDS. In fact, the people between 25 to 45 years of age are the ones who are most susceptible to the HIV virus attack, which targets the immune structure and finally destroys it, thereby causing AIDS. To put it simply, AIDS is the ultimate phase of the HIV virus.

What are the Symptoms of HIV?

One must be very careful because the initial symptoms of HIV are almost similar to those of regular cold and flu. They could even resemble the symptoms of infections like hepatitis or may be some of the diseases transmitted through sexual contact. What is more, the symptoms of HIV may be pronounced in some and dormant in others. Whatever may be the case, the most common symptoms of HIV are fever and tiredness. Headache, skin irritations and rashes, throat pain as well as bloated lymph nodes are also considered to be some of the regular HIV symptoms.

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Excercise Program – A best way to improve metabolism and energy level

Obesity ranks as one of the leading health problems in Europe, the United States, and Canada. The rates of adult and juvenile diabetes have gone up along with the size of the waistline. Anyone who has been to a doctor’s clinic and stepped on the scale recently has been told to watch his weight and get more exercise. Starting an exercise program is a good idea regardless of a person’s age. Not only will starting an exercise program help an individual lose weight, it also improves muscle tone, metabolism, and boosts a person’s energy level.

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