Skin Care

Get Rid Of Bruises

The injury underlying soft tissue or bone (part of the body) without breaking the skin, caused by a blow is known as bruises. These sorts of injuries affect the capillaries and cause the leakage of blood around the affected areas, which create the undesirable patches. There are several solutions which can give you effective results to get rid of the problem.

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Disfigured Body Appearance; Rectified Through Skin Grafting

Many people become disfigure due to some severe disease or an accident. This disfiguring and looking ugly put them in a state of utter depression. Depressed feelings breaks downs a person completely and damages hope, destroying the routine life activities of such person.

But as it is said, when there is a will, there is a way. Medical science today has progressed so much that a person’s disfigured appearance can be rectified through surgical procedures. These specific surgical procedures are skin grafting and transplant. In skin grafting, the skin is taken from another body part.

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