Body Care

Wrinkles – A detailed Analysis

War against wrinkles

In past wrinkles can symbol of wisdom but now people do not like wrinkles at all. There are many product and procedures claiming to reduce wrinkles but they do little on nothing. The reason of failure is this that people do not know the certain reason of wrinkles.

First one should know what is wrinkle and how to protect?

Factors of wrinkles

Age is the very first and an important factor of wrinkles. With the time being human body become the wrinkly.

Smoking: In past researcher proved that smoking increased facial wrinkles but latest research shows that it can affect the rest of the body. The people who are smoking heavily from many years their percentage of wrinkle risk is high then the people who are not chain smoker.

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Modern and traditional treatments for hair loss

The problems caused by hair loss are considered to be very serious, as besides the esthetical issues that they provoke they also determine serious health problems. There are many treatments that have been discovered regarding the problems of hair loss and many of them have proven to be very effective. Among them we can mention the medical ones that are made in pharmacies and the natural ones that are made by using natural ingredients. All these treatments depend on the gravity of the problem of hair loss and also depend on a person’s possible sensitivity to one ingredient or another that the treatment consists of. Hence, all these treatments are benefic at some point but they have to be administrated to the right person so as to take into consideration all the symptoms and other possible problems.


The causes for which people may lose their hair are varied. From a stressful life to a problematic disease that may cause problems like these there are numerous causes that can provoke the loss of hair.

Another important cause is the excessive use of dying methods for the hair. Many women who wish to dye their hair have the tendency to exaggerate in using chemical paints and solutions for coloring their hair. This is also an important reason for which hair loss may appear. Doctors advise people, especially women to use these solutions moderately as they will risk of losing a lot of their hair at the end. And the recovery process is very difficult; it may take years to recover a hair that has problems.

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