Cancers Now Detectable Through Saliva Tests

The cancer is no doubt one of the most dangerous diseases that man has discovered but the test to detects cancers are also quite dangerous and complicated, recently a team of researchers from the US and Japanese universities have developed a new technique by which many different type of cancers can be detected and it is the simple Saliva test.

test2Mainly the Japan’s Keio University and University of California, Los Angeles have developed this new and amazing technique with which they detects the high probabilities of pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and oral cancer.

Professor Tomoyoshi Soga at Keio’s Institute for Advanced Biosciences while discussing about this new technique said that “The survival rates of pancreatic cancer and oral cancer are especially low, because they don’t show clear symptoms in early stages, which often delays spotting of the illness”.

The research was carried on the Saliva sample of 215 people among them some were cancer patients and some were not, and after the study 54 different components in the Saliva were found that can become a cause of the above mentioned three forms of cancer.

In a statement institute head Masaru Tomita in the statement said that “Saliva can be sampled more easily and casually than blood or stool inspection”, thus a new way for cancer findings has been developed for more better detection of cancer in people.

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