Brushing the Teeth Twice a Day Is Good For Heart: Report Says

From our childhood we have been hearing this thing from our elders that brushing the teeth twice a day is good for teeth and health but the British researchers have shown another great benefit of this activity and according to that People who brush twice a day have lower risks of getting heart diseases.

Tooth BrushingThis report was published in the in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and over a decade we have been seeing that doctors are linking heart diseases with the gum diseases. The clotting in any area of body has always being connected with the heart but this is happening for the first time that the brushing of teeth has been linked with the occurrence of heart problems.

The study was lead by Professor Richard Watt from University College London, he and his team analyzed data from over 11,000 adults that had taken part in the Scottish health survey. The main activities that were analyzed in those adults were: oral health routines including smoking, physical activity and also people were asked about how often they visit the dentists and brush their teeth on the daily basis.

The conclusion that has been showed off after this study stated that “Our results confirmed and further strengthened the suggested association between oral hygiene and the risk of cardiovascular disease – furthermore inflammatory markers were significantly associated with a very simple measure of poor oral health behavior. Future experimental studies will be needed to confirm whether the observed association between oral health behavior and cardio vascular disease is in fact causal or merely a risk marker”.

From now the people have got another reason for brushing their teeth twice a day and those who don’t think it as to be very important should show concern towards this issue.

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