Breastfeeding: A nice heart warming experience with some great health benefits

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every new mom. It is make them feel an emotional attachment with their babies.  Breast milk is complete nourishment for the infant. Those who didn’t have that opportunity might experience several ailments. Sometimes because of several reasons women fail to produce milk, so when you get the opportunity ensure that for you little one’s well-being.

Beneficial for baby:

•    For infants this is a total nutrition, because it contains water along with sugar, fat, protein etc.

•    Those infants who have been breastfeed for almost 6 months, they have less chance of gaining extra weight & their growth becomes very normal.

•    Breastfeeding is useful to lower the chances of various ailments like- diarrhoea, colds, respiratory disorders, allergies etc.

Usefulness for mother:

•    Lactation is always helpful for burning the excess calories, which you gain throughout the pregnancy period.

•    Breastfeeding is always helpful in resisting the ovarian & breast cancer.

•    Through lactation you can provide immediate hunger satisfaction to your infants; you don’t need to spend time to purchase the food.

•    Lactation increases emotional bonding with the baby & also increases the attachment.

Some other points:

If you are having problems during lactation then professional advices are needed. Sometimes nurses help you to get the proper process right, like holding baby etc.
Sometimes severe pains accompany the lactation procedure like- sore nipple, but solutions are always there. Various ointments are available in the market. For serious cases you can also consult with the doctor.

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