Bone is a Key Participant in Insulin Regulation: Study Showed

The bones have always been associated with the regulation of insulin and now a new study in America has proved this fact a bit more strongly, the study was actually carried on mice and it has showed that bones plays a key role in the regulation of insulin and also helps the body cells to take up glucose.

072310_diabetesThis study was actually carried by Dr Gerard Karsenty from Columbia University Medical Center, New York and his colleagues, the findings shows that when the old bones breaks down for giving way for new growth then at that time they releases a hormone called osteocalcin and this one excitingly help in insulin production plus helps the cells to take up glucose.

The findings are really great to know and it has showed up a new way towards the production of insulin in our body that is the main focus of curiosity for a lot of scientists.

According to Karsenty, the person leading this study “Insulin is a street-smart molecule that takes advantage of the functional interplay between bone resorption and osteocalcin, to turn-on the secretion and synthesis of more insulin.” And further “This research has important implications for both diabetes and osteoporosis patients”

Thus we can say that this research has opened up new ways for the research on the issues of diabetes and insulin and in future we can see some more researches on this issue.

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