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Blueberry Ketchup

by Souti

A low sodium diet is beneficial for controlling your blood pressure level. It is also useful in lowering the chances of blueberry-ketchup1kidney ailments and is also good for people suffering from diabetics. Low sodium diet has also been recommended for lowering the effects of osteoporosis.  It has the potential to lower the risk of heart ailments as well. So try the following low sodium recipe.


1.    Medium shallot-1 diced (diced)
2.    Blueberries (fresh)- 2 ½ cup
3.    Red wine vinegar- ½ cup
4.    Sugar- 1/ ¼ cup

5.    Lime juice- 1 tbsp
6.    Salt- As per taste
7.    Fresh ginger- 2 tbsp (chopped)
8.    Freshly ground pepper- ¼ tsp


•    Take a large sized saucepan & pour the ginger along with the sugar, vinegar, blueberries, salt, pepper & lime juice.
•    Now put it on the medium temperature & stir continuously until the sugar melts completely (for almost 5-7 minutes).
•    Lower the temperature & allow it to simmer.
•    Don’t forget to stir it frequently till all the blueberries are soft or broken & the sauce turns thick (for almost 25-35 minutes).
•    Take it out from the heat & pour it into the large sized bowl or the glass made jar.
•    Allow it to cool down & place it in the refrigerator for almost 3-4 hours (till the sauce gets chilled & the texture turn thick).

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