Blackened Salmon Sandwich

A low fat diet is always a good option to make you slim & fit. It will help you to lower the risk of several obesity relatedsalmon-backed-sandwich diseases. So try the following low fat diet & keep yourself healthy.


1.    Salmon fillet- 1 pound (skin removed & cut into four pieces)
2.    Avocado- 1 (small sized)
3.    Cajun seasoning- 1 tsp
4.    Red onion- ½ cups (finely chopped)

5.    Plum tomato- 2 (diced finely)
6.    Arugula- 1 cup
7.    Mayonnaise (fat reduced) – 2 tbsp
8.    Crusty whole wheat rolls- 4 (toasted & split)


•    Grease or oil the rack for grilling & preheat the oven on high temperature.
•    Spread the Cajun spice on both sides of the salmon.
•    Now grill the salmon till it is cooked well (for almost 4-5 minutes per side).
•    In a small sized bowl combine the avocado along with the mayonnaise.
•    To make the sandwich rub the avocado mixture on the bottom half of the each roll, then arrange the salmon, arugula, tomatoes along with the onions on the top.

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