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Basic Skin Care Tips for All Skin Types

by Souti

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There are various skin types & in different seasons they face various problems. Sometimes transformation of weather skin-care1really leaves ridiculous impact on your skin. Though various skin types needs various cares, but there is a certain basic care which is necessary for every type of skin.

•    In winter before going out in the dry chilly weather make sure that you bundle up well. Dry winter can leave a bad impact over your skin so you need to protect it properly.

•    Staying fit is always a good option for your overall health, which is also true for your skin. Daily exercise will help your stay active physically as well as mentally. It’s also identified to be useful for some effective refreshment.

•    Hydration treatment (weekly) has also been found to be quite useful for keeping your glossy healthy skin. Various night creams are also available, which are able to give you the overnight period for absorption.

•    Usually summer skin care products are not much suitable for the winter season. In dry winter you need to moisturise your skin well.

•    For keeping your skin healthy you also need to consume well balanced diet along with enough water. Make sure that you are avoiding oily-junk foods, saturated fats etc.

•    At the beginning of every season you can refresh your skin with body exfoliation along with quality facial. It will help you to adjust to the changing weather.

•    Always remember the basic of your skin care routine & use cleanser properly. The pH balanced light cleanser will give your skin some healthy protection.

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