Back Pain- Home Remedies

Back pain is very common among people of all ages (but mostly medium aged & senior people). One of the main reasons is our unhealthy urban lifestyle. This problem makes our movement very limited, we just cannot live a free life anymore. But a few solutions are there at our home, and with some minimal effort we can conquer the limitations.

•    One of the easiest home remedy is hot (lukewarm) & cold packs. This age old remedy is an excellent reliever.
•    Go for some exclusive advice for yoga. Accurate exercise can be a healing medicine.
•    Placing pillows between your knees (when you are lying with a side foremost) it can raise your consolation.
•    Try to stretch your body at regular intervals. It is very important for muscle pains or stiffness.
•    Consume easy to digest food, because indigestion or acidity can increase your pain.
•    Try to live a stress free live; you can involve yourself in yoga also.
•    Add garlic in your regular diet, it’s an excellent remedy.
•    Use mustard oil or eucalyptus  oil for massage. Don’t lift any heavy objects.
•    You can use ice pack, it will lower the inflammation or back pain.
•    Try to sleep on hard surface & maintain a good posture. Even try to seat on a firm surface.
•    Eat daily one tsp of honey along with half a gram of dalchini/cinnamon powder.
•    You can even try half a tsp of guggulu after meal as a pain reliever.

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