Reasons And Remedies For Dry Skin

In the current scenario we live a very busy life. After a daylong shift in the office we just can’t wait to come home & relax. However in our own homes there are various reasons present which can instigate skin irritation. Some of these household reasons are, air fresheners, various cleaning products, laundry detergent and floor polish. Sometimes dry skin can lead to a serious situation like dermatitis or even eczema.

Skin has the ability to control the moisture and naturally reconstruct itself, nevertheless, exposure to cold air, dirt, sun, wind and many more chemicals can injure this layer. As a result our skin fails to hold the moisture any more.

Some of the factors, which contribute in this problem are:


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People who are compelled to wash their hands frequently because of work or for any other reason, experiences reduction of moisture. Water has the tendency to swipe our skin’s usual moisturizing oil.

Dry Air:

Air which appears during winter months is cold and because of dry weather it can take the moisture away from our skin.


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Soaps which are old fashioned have the tendency to make our skin dry. However many of newer varieties of soaps can also do the same to our skin and leave our dry skin more proneto various other problems.


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People who are exposed to chemicals on a regular basis have severely chapped or dry skin. These chemicals break into our skins natural moisturizer and can injure our outer layer.

Along with these above reasons, some medical conditions, medications also leave an impact on our skin too.

Following tips could be useful for getting rid of your dry irritating skin:

Using Petroleum Jelly:

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People, who have sensitive skin, can easily get the irritation because of various household cleaners. Among the various dry skin treatments, petroleum jelly is one which comes across as a trusted option and which is pocket friendly too. As per the American Academy of Dermatology recommendations, it can provide some soothing relief all over your body, like on your feet, hands and lips too.

Using Gloves:

Using Gloves
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There is a strong belief that if you want to hide your age, then you need to take care of your hands. It means you need to stay away from various skin irritating products like dish detergent, cleaners etc.

However to do our household chores staying away from these products are tough, but we can cover our hands by using non latex rubber gloves when it’s time to do some household cleaning. You can also wear a layer of soft thin cotton gloves first and then put on your rubber gloves.

Flax Seed As Well As Fish Oil:

Health Benefits of Flax seed
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Flax seed and fish oil have EFAs, fatty acids etc. which can help us in getting our skin hydrated. It can also protect our skin from various environmental damaging effects too. However you need to consult with your health care provider about adding these stuff to diet or regular medicine intake. Make sure you have ground flax seed as it gives you the most health benefits.

Hand Sanitizer That Hydrates Your Skin:

Hand Sanitizer That Hydrates Your Skin
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Hand sanitizer is an easy way get germ free hands. However this easy way can make your hands dry and cracked. Presence of alcohol in high levels is really bad for our skin. So you need to find a hydrated version, which is not going to leave a bad impact even after using it for a prolonged period of time. You need to look for something which is recommended by dermatologist.

Taking Shower After A Swim & Putting on Moisturizer:

Taking Shower
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Chlorine water in swimming pools is one of the major reason for dry skin. As soon as you or your kid comes out from the pool you need to wash off the chlorine water with a very mild soap along with regular water. Then apply a moisturizer, which has glycerin as one of its main ingredients. Glycerin is known to provide help to your skin for retaining the moisture more effectively as well as it can also avert any more dryness.

Get a Mite Free Zone:

According to study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology ,microscopic dust can enhance skin irritation as well as inflammation too. To get rid of these affects you need to clean your bedding every week (in 130 degree F temperature), clean or vacuum carpet or floor.

Applying Oats:

Oat is a very old treatment for dry skin. Studies have revealed that the presence of a chemical called avenanthramides in it, makes it able to fight against redness as well as inflammation too.

Get some old fashioned or quick oats and use the food processor or blender to grind it. Now gradually sprinkle this ground oat into your tub water (make sure that the tap in your tub is on, so that it will mix well). For almost 15-20 minutes soak in that water.

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Anti-Nutrients That Can Affect Your Fertility Levels

Just as there are various nutrients which supports our body in improving fertility, there are several anti-nutrients too, which leave a negative impact on our body, which leads to infertility.

Following list will help you to identify the anti-nutrients, especially if you are planning to get pregnant, you need to avoid these foods.


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GMO is not a nutrient or even a food, it’s something, which can make our food products bad and we need to avoid it.The full form of GMO is Genetically Modified Organism. It refers to an organism whose genetic composition has been tampered using cutting edge genetic engineering techniques. GMO foods are those, which are grown bigger artificially, have the power to resist insects and also exhibit resistance towards herbicides. These GMO foods have been transformed from having natural nutrients to having nutrients that have a bad impact on our fertility along with some other health ailments.

Fat Free Diet Foods:

Fat Free Diet Foods
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Diet foods or fat free foods have inadequate nutritional value compared to various whole food products. However to make them taste good, they are infused with nothing artificial sugar and artificial flavors. So try to stay away from these chemical containing foods and get something which are antioxidants, various nutrients and fiber rich.

Plastic Water Bottles:

Plastic Water Bottles
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Those thin plastic bottles infuses chemicals known as xeno hormones in the drinking water. This chemical can imitate estrogen in our body, which leads to excessive high levels of estrogen and leaves no space for other important hormones. Such a situation could be the reason behind hormonal inequality as well as infertility too.

To avoid such situations try to use a glass bottle or even Mason jars or stainless steel bottles. Instead of buying those plastic water bottles, try to buy water, which comes in a glass bottle.

Conventional Meats:

Conventional Meats
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Because of the presence of synthetic hormones in conventional meats, they can affect your fertility directly. So while you are having these meats, you are getting those hormones too, which can leave a bad impact on your reproductive health. So try to have organic meats, instead of these conventional stuff.

Conventional Dairy:

Conventional Meats
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Same thing is applicable for conventional dairy too. It has added antibiotics as well as hormones too. So the best option is to avoid it completely.


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Soy foods have a compound which imitates estrogen in our body. This unanimous estrogen levels turn so high that it can impact fertility and also can create problems for the fetus. Soy foods need to be avoided by both women and men planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy and also during childhood.

Soy cereal, soy cheese, soy meats can be substituted with soy milk. Rice milk as well as almond milk are good substitutes for soy milk too.

Hydrogenated Oils:

These oils are full of unhealthy Trans fats, which leave several bad impacts on our health over a period of time, so try to get some good alternatives like coconut oil. This is a super healthy substitute especially for your reproductive health.


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Processed sugars like corn sugar, white sugar, corn syrup, shite sugar are bad for our health. When someone consumes these sugars every day, it can lead to insulin resistance, where our body fails to react to the release of insulin. This could be the reason behind various health issues, one such is PCOS, which can enhance the risk of miscarriage as well as effect the ovulation too.

So avoiding processed sugars is one of the best things that you can do.Maintain a healthier, fertility friendly diet. Let’s be clear, I am not recommending you to eat sugar-free foods or diet sodas either, as they are also known to cause many health issues as well and should be avoided with as much vigor. What I am recommending you is to eat instead a healthy, whole food, plant-based diet (you can include meat as well, it is totally up to you) as nature intended and avoid processed sugar.

Some ideas as a substitute for processed sugar are, honey (in small quantities), dates, stevia and maple syrup.

Avoid Caffeine:

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Studies have revealed that excessive caffeine consumption can increase the chance of miscarriage, so try to limit this to a single cup daily. You can have smoothies or herbal tea instead of caffeine.

White Carbohydrates:

White Carbohydrates
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Food products like refined carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, white bread, white flour) transform into sugar and are not able to give us the various important nutrients that our body needs. So try to go for whole wheat, which is rich in fiber (whole wheat pasta, wheat bread, brown rice etc.).

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Foods to Manage Depression

Healthy diet is not only a good option for maintaining a healthy weight & body, it can also be a mood booster. Depending on your choice of food you can control your depression level too. As per an article published in the Nutritional Neuro science journal in 2015, if you really want to focus on your food for treating your depression then firstly, reduce the consumption of prepackaged food products & processed foods.


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Avocado is a kind of superfood, from keeping your heart healthy to improving digestive system to improving your mood, it can do wonders. Avocado is known as a natural balancer of hormones, which can produce the right hormone for our mood. Avocado is one of the best options to make you feel happy.


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According to experts, consuming almost 1 ounce of mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts etc.) can be a good mood booster. Nuts are rich suppliers of healthy fat, protein & fiber. You just need to keep an eye on the calories that you are getting. Nuts such as almonds or walnuts, are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have various long term usefulness.


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Consuming black tea could also lower your stress level. In a study two groups of people were created. The first group was asked to consume almost 4 cups of black tea regularly and continue that for 6 weeks. The second group was asked to consume something else. After the term of the study was over, it was found that the people who had consumed black tea felt more relaxed and had less stress hormones like cortisol, after going through the same stressful condition. On the other hand, chamomile tea is known as a stress reliever from ancient ages.


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Having fatty oily fish like rainbow trout, tuna, sardines, salmon & mussels will provide you with one of the major mood boosting agents, omega 3s. Omega 3s can modify brain chemicals like serotonin as well as dopamine. If you are having low levels of serotonin then you can suffer from depression, show aggressive and suicidal tendencies.


Dark Chocolate
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According to the study done by Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland, consuming 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate regularly for almost a couple of weeks is able to lower your stress hormones, which includes cortisol also. As per experts, this can happen because of the presence of antioxidants in chocolate. However make sure you are keeping your eyes on the calories too, otherwise you can end up putting on some extra kilos.

Whole Grains:

Whole Grains
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Whether in the form of oatmeal or quinoa or even brown rice or as a whole grain food like pasta and bread, we are always concerned about genuine carbohydrates, whether all the nutrients are not completely drained out. Carbs are able to instigate our body to manufacture chemicals like serotonin, which is popularly known as happiness hormone. However if your source of serotoninis complex carbs then your blood sugar levels can also get stabilized.

Sesame Seeds:

Sesame Seeds
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Sesame seeds are a great supplier of tyrosine, which can enhance the level of dopamine and improves the level of feel god hormone in high quantities by stabilizing out the others too. Dopamine levels of the brain gets boosted by the amino acids present in the sesame seeds.

Fruits & Vegetables (And Other Whole Foods):

Fruits Vegetables
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Having too much sweet dishes, high fat containing food products, fried food products, refined grains etc. can make your feel stressed & depressed. However on the other hand, fruits and veggies which are rich suppliers of antioxidants, fishes that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids reduce your depression level. Products like dark green veggies, citrus, beans are rich supplier of folate, which can leave a good impact on our mood.

Fermented Foods:

Fermented Foods
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A recent study has shown that diets which promote healthy levels of good intestinal microbiota can have a positive influence on mental health as well. Sauerkraut, tempeh, kombucha , kimchi and certain yogurts that are good suppliers of probiotics are good for your mental health.


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As per a study conducted by Columbia University, people who inhaled coconut perfume, experienced speedy blood pressure recovery. The experts have figured out, that breathing a nice smell can increase attentiveness,causes a calming reaction to anxiety or stress. It has been found that the scent of coconut can lower your anxiety levels by slowing down your heart rate.

Beauty Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary belongs to the same family as that of mint. From the ancient periods this aromatic herb is quite popular for its health & beauty benefits. Extract from the leaves of the rosemary herb is known as rosemary oil. In aromatherapy industry, rosemary oil is gaining in popularity day by day. This oil has a pale yellow colored appearance with a woody, balsamic fragrance.

Following are a few benefits of rosemary oil, when you add it to your regular beauty routine:

Regenerates Skin:

This oil can reconstruct your skin. From removing dark spots to scars, it can treat them all. Regular application can also lower the appearance of wrinkles as well as puffiness of your skin. Rosemary oil has cell reconstruction properties, which supports the treatment of various skin damages or conditions.

Awesome Facial Toner:

Facial Toner
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Presence of natural astringent in rosemary oil makes it a wonderful toner. It can hydrate your skin well &is able to remove the blemishes also. If you can add this in your daily beauty routine then you will get a smooth radiant skin very easily. Wash your face well & then take a cotton ball to apply the oil on your face. Now wait for the next 20 minutes at least & then use lukewarm water to wash your face. This process will allow your skin to get the nutrients from rosemary, which leads to a soft smooth skin.

Reduces The Speed of Aging:

It’s a rich source of antioxidant properties which help in lowering of the appearance of wrinkles by tightening your skin. Regular use of rosemary oil can also slow down the aging process.

Remedy for Acne:

Remedy for Acne
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Acne problem is something which we are dealing with very often. It not only ruins our look but also sometimes it becomes really painful too. However various researches have revealed that rosemary essential oil is a good option for treating acne. Mix this oil with castor oil & apply the mixture on your face. Now leave it there for almost 10-15 minutes & then use lukewarm water to wash your face well. If you can do this process 3 to 4 days weekly, you will definitely get the desired result.

Averts Skin Infection:

It’s a rich supplier of compounds which are able to treat puffiness as well as swelling too. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema & dermatitis can be treated with rosemary oil. It is able to heal burn wounds too.

Enhances the Glow:

Enhances the Glow
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If you want some glow in your face, but don’t have time to visit parlors, then try the rosemary oil. It has the capability to enhance the blood circulation. This oil is safe enough to apply under your puffy eyes as well as on your dark circle too.

Treating Dandruff Well:

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When you are looking for some relief from your flaky head, then rosemary oil could be the remedy. Mix a few drops of this oil with your regular shampoo as well as with your conditioner too & you will definitely feel the differences.

Make Your Hair Thick & Healthy:

Healthy Hair
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If you are suffering from thin hair then try this oil. Apply it on your scalp after shower & it will help you to grow new hair. By encouraging your hair cavities, it is able to make your hair strong & thick too. It is also able to avert the early arrival of grey hair. To enhance hair growth you can mix rosemary oil with olive oil or coconut oil or even with almond oil.

Grey Hair Coverage:

It’s better to use natural stuff over the chemical options to cover your grey hair. So instead of visiting the parlor, start massaging your scalp with rosemary oil as soon as you notice grey hair. It’s a chemical free dying process, which makes your hair healthy too.

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Basil Seeds: The New Superfood

This sweet tasting seeds are currently gaining popularity as a super food, because of their nutrient content. It’s an indigenous property of India known as sweet basil and it’s different from common Indian “Tulsi” or holy basil, which is mostly used for enhancing immunity system. Herbs as well as seeds from basil plants are popular as a very healthy option. As per Dr. Anju Sood (Bangalore- based Nutritionist), these tear like black seeds need to be soaked in water before consuming it.

Supports Your Weight Loss:

Managing weight
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ALA/alpha linolenic acid present in sabja seeds comes from omega 3 fatty acids that support the burning of fat of your body. It’s a rich supplier of fiber, which is able to make you feel full for a long period of time. Popularly known as tukhamaria, saabja seeds, holy basil, takmaria, tulsiare capable of controlling your appetite. Adding them with your fruit salad or in your bowl of yoghurt can make you feel full & control your appetite. Their mild flavor & low calorie content make them easy to mix with other foods.

Enhances Bone Health:

Enhances Bone Health
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It’s a rich supplier of minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, potassium etc. so if you add this in your daily meal, it can help you to boost up your bone density. By improving your bone mineral density, it can help you to avert problems like osteoporosis also.

Body Coolant:

In various Asian countries, saabja seeds are usually mixed with sugar, coconut milk & honey to make a soothing cool drink. This mixture is popular as a body coolant. These seeds are known for their ability to lower the body heat. So in various circumstances you can notice them in milkshakes or even in your nimbupani.

Relief From Anxiety:

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It’s a great stress reliever. Just take a glass full of water & mix basil seeds in it, now consume it. It will work wonders to lower your anxiety level. Study revealed that daily intake of these seeds can enhance your mood as well as lower the chances of depression & also can lower the level of stress related hormones in our body.

Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels:

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For controlling type 2 diabetes saabja seeds can do wonders by delaying the metabolism which can restrict the alteration of carbohydrates into glucose. Soak the basil seed in water overnight. In the morning take those soaked seeds & mix them in a glass of water. You healthy breakfast drink is ready.


These seeds can also provide support from health situations like gout, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches & arthritis. By releasing cytokines as well as displaying some pro-inflammatory properties saabja seeds reduce your pain.

Getting Healthy Hair and Skin:

healthy skin and hair
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Skin infection like psoriasis or even eczema can be treated with basil seeds. Crush the seeds & mix them with coconut oil. Now apply it on the affected areas. You can just warm the coconut oil & saabja seed mixture just before apply it, instead of soaking the seeds in water. Consuming these seeds on a regular basis can support in collagen secretion which is important for creating new skin cells that are suffering from common tear. It’s a great source of vitamin K, Iron etc.

Remedy for Cough and Flu:

Cough and Flu
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Presence of antispasmodic property helps in relaxing spasmatic muscles, by relieving the tension. Thus they are also able to give you some relief from whooping cough too. It’s a rich supplier of flavonoids (beta carotene, orientin & vicenin), which can build up a strong defense system in our body.

Getting Rid of Constipation and Bloating:

If you consume a glass of milk with saabja seeds before going to your bed regularly, then it can easily maintain a smooth bowel movement &can detox your body too. It’s a natural stomach cleanser. Presence of volatile oils in basil seeds support enhance digestion as well as relief from gas.

Fights Acidity and Heartburn:

Saabja seeds can negate the acidic side effects of HCL in our body. So they can ease heartburn in our human body.Water present in the soaked seeds sooths the stomach lining and thus relieves the burning sensation.

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Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are popular as one of the most effective plant food in the earth. Kind of tanned or brown or golden colored, these small seeds are a rich source of alpha linolenic acids (omega 3 fatty acids). Various studies have revealed that it has the ability to lower the chances of diabetes, stroke, cancer & several heart ailments.

Following is a list of health benefits of flax seeds:

Loosing Unwanted Weight:

weight loss
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In the Journal of Nutrition a study have revealed that walnuts & flax seeds can help in losing weight. Because of its fiber & healthy fat content, flax seeds can make you feel full for long period of time & it will help you to consume less. If you are serious about shredding those extra kilos then you can pour a couple tablespoons of these seeds in your salads or soups or in your smoothie too.

High in Antioxidants (Lignans):

Along with other important nutrient content, it’s a great source of antioxidants too. Lignans (antioxidant present in flax seeds) are rare fiber associated with polyphenols, which supports us in cellular health, hormonal balance & anti-aging. Lignans are also populated as a antibacterial as well as anti-viral properties, so having flax seeds can lower the chances of flu & colds too.

Flax Seed Has High Content of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

We are aware of the omega 3 fat or fish oil benefits. Fish oil contains 2 omega 3 fats, DHA & EPA, which are absolutely necessary for your optimal growth.On the other hand flex seeds do not have DHA or EPA, but they do have ALA, separate type omega 3 fat.

A research revealed in Nutrition Reviews, that 20% ALA can be transformed into EPA, whereas only 5 % ALA can transformed into DHA. Gender does have a say on the performance of flax seeds. However ALA is still recognize as a healthy fat & need to add in our diet.

Getting Healthy Hair And Skin:

healthy skin and hair
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Adding almost 1 tablespoon of flax seeds oil in your daily meal or 2 tablespoon of flax seeds in your smoothie can give you a glowing & healthy hair & skin. The ALA fat content in these seeds along with vitamin B provides help in lowering the flakiness as well as dryness. Flax seeds are also effective in lowering the dry eye problem. You can mix these seeds in essential oil & make a healthy natural moisturizer. For lowering problems like eczema, rosacea & acne, flax seeds are a great option to choose.

Improving Menopausal Symptoms:

Presence of lignans also have some usefulness for menopausal women. Because of lignans have estrogenic properties, it is also considered as a hormone replacement cure. It has the ability to help women to maintain their menstrual cycle. If you really want some hormonal balance, then add almost 2 tablespoon of seeds or 2 tablespoon of flax oil in your smoothie.

Flax Seeds For Gluten Sensitivity:

Using these seeds are a nice option to reduce gluten incorporated grains, those that are inflammatory, on the other hand flax seeds are anti-inflammatory. For people who are suffering from gluten allergy or even celiac ailment, it’s a nice option for them.

This could be a great substitute for omega 3 fats, especially for people with seafood sensitivity. Being a gluten free option, it can be used in cooking as a grain free ingredient.

Low In Carbs But High In Fiber:

Theses seeds are rich supplier of mucilage gum content. It’s a great ingredient to keep the intestinal track healthy as well as it’s a gel formation of fiber, which is soluble in water too.

Things like lowering the sugar cravings, losing fat & detoxification of colon can also happen well because of insoluble as well as soluble fiber content

Improving Digestive Health:

Flax seeds are also popular for improving digestive health. Presence of ALA in flax is able to support the GI health & also care for the lining in digestive tract. From lowering the gut inflammation to giving support to people suffering from digestive problems or Crohn’s ailment, it serves quite a lot of purposes. For getting relief from your constipation you can mix carrot juice (8 oz) & flax seed oil (2-3 tablespoon). Flax seeds are also popular as a highest magnesium content food in the whole world.

Flax Seeds for treating Cancer:

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Flax seeds can also be beneficial for colon or prostate or breast & ovarian cancer. As per several studies revealed in Journal of Clinical Cancer Research, eating flax seeds can lower the chances of breast cancer. Flax seed has 3 lignans, which can be converted in to enterolactone and enterodiol by intestinal bacteria & is able to balance hormones. That might be the reason for its ability to fight breast cancer.

Reduce Cholesterol Level:

According to studies revealed in Nutrition & Metabolism, adding flax seeds in our diet can lower the level of unwanted cholesterol. Cholesterol and fat gets entrapped in the soluble fiber content of flax seeds and hence they do not get any chance to get absorbed.The bile that gets created in the gallbladder from cholesterol also gets trapped in the soluble fiber. It is then forced out through the digestive system. As a result the body has use up more cholesterol to create more bile. The net effect being reduction of cholesterol level.

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