Aerobics is Good for Brain: Study Reveals

The regular exercise is considered to be quite ideal for the perfect health but a recent result has shown that along with healthy body, the regular aerobics exercises speed up the learning and also improves blood flow towards brain.

AerobicsThis research was actually taken by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and it is also reported that this University is the first one to examine such relationships on non-human primate models.

This is not a very new concept that aerobics is good for the health of your body but this is really new to know that such exercises are also associated with the good working of our brain and thus making us active and intelligence.

This research was carried on a group of animals and it was not sure that either this hypothesis will work on human or not.

Judy L. Cameron, Ph.D., a psychiatry professor at Pitt School of Medicine and a senior scientist at the Oregon National Primate Research Center at Oregon Health and Science University while discussing about this issue said that “We found that monkeys who exercised regularly at an intensity that would improve fitness in middle-aged people learned to do tests of cognitive function faster and had greater blood volume in the brain’s motor cortex than their sedentary counterparts”. Many such activities were performed with some monkeys and they were trained to do such exercise and Dr Cameron said that “These findings indicate that aerobic exercise at the recommended levels can have meaningful, beneficial effects on the brain” and also “It supports the notion that working out is good for people in many, many ways”. Thus the research taken on Monkeys proves that doing such exercises will help in better performance of brain.

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