Aerobics And Resistance Training Help Elderly to Maintain Good Health

exerciseThe results of a Canadian study shows that an exercise program which includes resistance training as well as aerobics can prove quite helpful to reduce the risk of insulin resistance in sedentary seniors and improve their motor function.

Robert Ross, the lead author of the study, says: “For people of moderate age (those under 65), the standard recommendation for a long time is 150 minutes aerobic type activity during a week. However, for older adults, there isn’t any standard and we have little evidence to base our guidelines on it.”

“ At first time, we have found that those elderly people( men and women), who want to decrease their risk for cardiovascular disease anddiabetic as well as want to manage their blood sugar levels, must do resistance training as well as aerobics.”

According to Ross, this advantageous training formula should be comprised of 90 minutes simple aerobics like walking and other resistanceexercise of some type.

The study has been sponsored by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and it has been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Jan. 26 issue.

Ross also told that nearly 12% of America’s population is consisted of elderly people and this figure would increase to 20% by the end of 2030.

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