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A New Way for the Breast Cancer Treatment Found

by Ana

Breast cancer is a widely spreading problem of women worldwide and because of this; researchers and medical experts are also focusing on this issue from the past some time.

breast-cancer-treatmentRecently a research by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (WFUBMC) has revealed that they will soon help the women with breast cancer to get rid of the invasive and toxic treatments for the disease.

During this study the researchers have found that lower level of ferroportion that is the only protein capable of removing iron from cells, are associated with the most aggressive and recurring cancers.

Frank M. Torti, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at WFUBMC, senior author on the paper and co-lead investigator for the study while discussing about it said that “Ferroportin expression may help predict whether women who have had breast cancer will relapse or not” and further “There is a group of high-risk women with breast cancer who have high ferroportin levels and do quite well”.

The researchers are quite hopeful that after sometime they’ll be able to find some solution that will help the cancer patients from the painful treatments of chemotherapy and others. Suzy V. Torti, Ph.D., an associate professor of biochemistry at Wake Forest Baptist and co-lead investigator on the paper further said “In the case of cancer, the ability to remove iron from cells is reduced by the depleted ferroportin levels, and as a result, iron accumulates in cancer cells. Cancer cells require iron, which allows the tumor to grow faster and perhaps become more aggressive.”

The work of these researchers really leads us to a positive conclusion and we can expect that at some time in future we’ll be able to get a good and comfortable treatment of breast cancer.

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