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A Link Found Between the Household Cleaning Products and Breast Cancer

by Ana

The breast cancer is a rapidly spreading disease of women worldwide and recently the US researchers have found a new area that can enhance the growth of breast cancer and according to researchers it is the household products like air fresheners and insect’s killers.

household-cleaning-productsThese household are used in almost every home but the cancer risks comes for those ladies who have a high rate of using these products as compared to those who just sparingly use these cleaners.

The study was carried by Dr Julia Brody, from the Silent Spring Institute, whose headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, and colleagues, you’ll get the complete report on a online journal Environmental Health on 20 July.

While talking with the press about this new issue, Brody said that “Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared to those with the lowest reported use”. A complete analysis of the usage of these household products was analyzed and the results took the researchers to this conclusion that the cleaning products are contributing to the Breast cancer among the ladies.

Up till now the researchers have said that some sort of chemicals in these products contributes to the development of breast cancer as the reason is because many of them contain mammary gland carcinogens or chemicals that disrupt hormones.

Still researchers said that a further complete study is required on this issue that will study this link and also bring measurements from environmental and biological data.

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