Useful Tips for Winter Skin Care

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Useful Tips for Winter Skin Care Many of us are just love the winter season, but not what they do with our skin. Winterwinter-skin-care1 gives us really tough time, specially people having dry skin. Improper skin care can even lead to the flaky skin. So in dry & chilly weather you need to aware of the proper skin care.

•    During the dry winter season moisturiser is an essential commodity. Remember to apply moisturiser before going out in the dry weather.

•    Cleaning your skin or cleansing is very important, specially in winter we use lots of cream. You can use glycerine based soap as well as moisturiser based face wash. However sometimes soap can leave some negative impact by reducing your natural oil so you can also use the soap free face wash.

•    In winter cucumber juice as well as rose water is the best option for toning. Try to avoid astringent & alcohol based toning products.

Some common winter care tips are:

•    For your winter skin nourishment add some olive oil along with honey (1 tsp each) into your cream (1 tbsp). You can use it for face as well as neck. Before washing it off allow it to stay for almost 20-30 minutes.

•    You can also create a concoction with yoghurt (1 tbsp) & honey (1 tbsp). Smear it over your face as well as neck & allow it to stay for almost 20-30 minutes & then wash well.

•    For some quality skin nourishment prepare a mixture of almond oil (1 tbsp) along with milk powder (1 tsp), lemon juice (1 tbsp), glycerine (2 tbsp) & almond (1 tsp). Smear the pack once in every week for some effective results.

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