Things to do when you have sunstroke

Sunstroke occurs because of excessive exposure to scorching heat. Sometimes it damages your several body organs, your speech or speaking ability can be affected, you can get sun burn on your skin. It has several preventive measures, which you will need to apply to prevent being hit by sunstroke.
•    When you are out under the sun, if you feel something like sunstroke, if the situation permits you can go to an air conditioned area instead of going under a sun shade.

•    To release the heat that assimilates in your body, take your clothes off (as much as you can), specially the shoes, socks & the cap.

•    To let the cool blood back into the brain & also into the core of the body, massage slowly the affected person’s legs, arms etc.

•    Drink plenty of water or other liquids (which does contain caffeine or alcohol).

•    After taking some rest under a shade if possible now take a cool shower/bath. If that is not possible then apply water or rub water on your face, neck, forehead, arms etc.

•    Lie down on a flat surface & put a wet cloth on your forehead. To let the proper blood circulation & resist vertiginous & headache, exalt you feet above.

•    You can even apply ice pack on the armpits, neck etc. If you can arrange for a lime then apply it with the ice pack.

•    To maintaining the coolness rub the mud pack on your eyes & stomach.

•    To lower the body temperature or get rid of scorching effects you can wrap your body with a damp towel or cloth.

•    For a few cases if you still feel uncomfortable go for professional check-up.

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