Pizza and Health Benefits

Pizza, a word which brings water into the mouth of majority of people has been considered to be a junk food because of no reasons; this concept is still present in our society that Pizza is a family member of Hamburgers and Fries but have you ever considered the ingredients of Pizza.

pizza-1The Misconception about Pizza is slightly changing nowadays because the medical experts are now saying that it is a healthy food, even the Italian scientists have found that eating a pizza in a week helps you get rid of various cancers because a major portion of Pizza contains tomatoes that carries lycopene, a content that is considered best for the cancer patients.

A complete study was carried in Italy over the health benefits of Pizza and almost 8,000 people participated in that study, the results of the study says that those people who eat pizza once or more times in a week are less likely to get mouth and colon cancer as compared to those people who prefer other meals than pizza.


Let me show you the health benefits of pizza by the ingredients so that you may know what a healthy food you are missing by just naming it as a junk food.

  • As stated above, the major ingredient of every pizza is Tomatoes that are either present as slices or in the form of sauces, the Tomatoes contains lycopene that is one of the perfect antioxidants for fighting against different types of cancers including colon cancer, mouth cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Now comes the base that we call the dough, this yummy piece of bread has also proved itself to be a perfect antioxidant, it has been stated that dough when baked at certain temperatures increases it ability as antioxidant and helps you to fight against various diseases.
  • Now comes the topping that mainly contains cheese, this thing is not so worth telling that cheese contains the power of milk as everyone knows that it is prepared from milk. Thus the cheese helps in giving calcium to your body plus bones and thus making you powerful and strong.
  • Apart from cheese you get quite much freedom to select the topping of your pizza according to your choice, a diverse option for toppings is available at every pizza store and it includes: Ham, peppers, Olives, Mushrooms, Onions, Marshmallows and many others. Just go through the name and I hope you are a bit familiar with the health benefits of these vegetables.

Still think that it’s a junk food? I hope the answer is No and if it is yes then you must reconsider your decision. The pizza places have been very common nowadays and you’ll find them very easily around your home and if you want to have more information about the Pizza then this link might help you find out the best ones around you.

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