What is Leukemia? What Causes Leukemia?


Leukemia is a Greek word. Its meanings are “white blood”. Leukemia is a type of cancer. When there is access of these abnormal white blood cells, we call it Leukemia.

LeukemiaLeukemia is a disease that begins in the organs those makes blood in the supple, soft part of the bone (the inner soft part of bone) known as bone marrow and in the lymph structure. This disease can crop up in adults as well as children. Leukemia is a type of cancer in which abnormal and undeveloped white blood cells are formed. These undeveloped cells are known as leukocytes. In some of leukemia patients, these leukocytes or white blood cells are so abundant that blood gains whitish dashes. The myth behind the leukocytes or white cells is that when these white blood cells are increased and production of normal cells is decreased the ability to fight against diseases and infection diminishes.

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Easy Tips to Improve your Memory

Do you forget names, dates, and numbers? This is not that you are alone facing this problem.  There are many different ways you can adopt in daily life routine to improve your memory.

Improve your MemoryMemory aptitude is different from person to person despite of age factor. But keep in mind there are some aspects like alcohol, depression and insomnia, can affect you memory performance. The problem can happen if you are getting too much information. Flooded flow of information is terrifying and absorption in mind is slow.

Accept this fact that you forgot, if you want to improve your memory. Enhancing the capability of memory is matter of ample training of your brain. Here are some easy tips and techniques that can help you to improve your memory.

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Sleeping Tips for Pregnant Women

Sleeping is essential for every human being but for the pregnant ladies it is more than a necessity because that time is really different from the normal life time and in this period a woman needs plenty of extra rest to keep going.

Sleeping Pregnant WomenAs a growing fetus puts lots of strain on the woman’s body that’s why she get tired soon and needs rest. For the best growth of baby the sleeping postures of a woman should be well managed so that the baby doesn’t get harmed. In this article I am going to give you the sleeping tips for different trimester.

  • During the pregnancy period try to get as much rest as possible and try to sleep more than your previous routine.
  • Going to the bed at same time every night will put our body into a schedule which will be very helpful for you and fetus.

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Stress Releasing Foods

It is a common thinking that good food is necessary for healthier life. You can find here food items those are useful for the reduction of stress level. Use these listed items if you are under pressure.

Stress Releasing Foods1


A German study in Psychopharmacology found oranges provide us vitamin C and it normalizes blood pressure. Researchers found that if persons are busy in tasks like public dealing or solution of mathematical question and they get 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C, they can return to their normal level quickly. Continue reading “Stress Releasing Foods”

Using a Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

Pedicure is considered an integral part of our beauty treatment. However pedicure in a beauty salon is always a costly pumice-stone1affair, as well as managing time from your busy schedule is also quite problematic. So finding some ways in your home is the best solution to your problems. You will easily get various pedicure accessories at the cosmetic store. Pumice stone is believed to be a very essential part of pedicure. It considered useful for your hands also. Its found to be quite effective for peeling off your flakes. Pumice stone has also been identified to be quite beneficial for corn as well as heel cracks.

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Adding Fish Oil to IV Helping in Sepsis Recovery

You might have heard many benefits of using fish oil but the recent researchers have given a very amazing results and this is that adding fish oil to intravenous solution proved beneficial for the intensive care patients with the potentially lethal blood infection known as Sepsis.

Fish OilThis study was actually published on Jan 19 in the journal critical care and it compared 13 patients who have received the fish oil in the Normal IV nutrient solution who were having Sepsis and 10 patients were those who received normal solution.

The results were really exciting because those who had taken fish oil in their treatment have reduced levels of inflammatory chemicals in their blood and achieved better lung functions as compared to those who had the traditional treatment.

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