Fighting Tennis Elbow with Some Easy Cures

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is also familiar as lateral epicondylitis. When the outer part of your elbow turns tender the situation is tenniselbow1called tennis elbow. It’s a quite painful ailment. Though it’s called tennis elbow but it can happen to anybody.

Some effective cures:

•    To get some effective relief you can also use some ginger compress, even ginger tea is also able to give some relief from inflammation.

•    Avocado oil has also been recommended for treating tennis elbow. You can massage the area gently with some avocado oil for some effective results.

•    Try to ingest foods those are rich in omega-3 fatty acid (like- salmon, flax seeds etc), because it’s able to lower the joint pain.

•    Celery has been identified to be useful for tennis elbow, because it’s a rich source of anti-inflammatory agents. Celery seed extract are believed to be more effective. Before your meal add 5-10 drops of celery juice into the warm water & consume it.

•    For treating tennis elbow you can also gently massage the area with calendula oil 2 times regularly.

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