1. please update me regarding diabetes precautions news regularly.


    Prakash Giri

  2. I am searching for precautions that save my life from diabetes

  3. PLs gve us complete details of Diabetes like Precaution, DIet Chart, & exercise doing during diabetes.

  4. pls. help me be guided accordingly on the early stage of recovery from diabetes, precautions and all. and regarding hoe it affects me when i’m wounded.

  5. please provide some information to control glucise level ,suggest daily diet , daily life style

  6. my mom recently know after urine test that she is diabetec patient her age is near about 58 in her test 3 signs of plus i.e(+++) is given plz give advice i m single daughter of my parents n i love my mom alot i will wait for ur reply

  7. my dad is a diabitic patient he eats sweets he drinks neem wates does it cure diabities what re the ways to reduce diabeties can u mail me sir please

  8. my father (54 Years, healthy body) recently met with first heart attack it was really dangrous. symptoms were pain in left side of cheast. timelly treatment was provided.following test were done as ECG, TMT, echo test, angiography. but everything found normal.Doctor said that there was some blockage but has removed.after the treatment doctor has gone for the Sugar (Diabetes) Test and doctor has said that my father suffered with diabetes. but no medication has provided. after some time it was felt that heart beat has increased and feeling of fear, now after some days the same problem of fear & increase of heart beat. consulted ith doctor adviced that only because of Diabetes the same problem occuring. kindly provide solution as i love my papa a lot.

  9. I m just recently tested blood which read 107 (fasting) and 216 (PP). Do i need treatment or more exercise and diet control be ok. Can you advise…what kind of exercise and diet is required and avoid to take??

  10. Dear Sir,
    I am 49 years old and suffering from diabities far last 10 years. my diabities remain between 250-350 fasting. I am also suffering from leg pain and foot paid also. kindly suggest me precuation.
    with regards

    bakhshish singh

  11. I am patient of diabities, It is the beginning position

  12. I am patient of diabities, It is 250 fasting & 460 pp. Please tell me what diet should be taken

  13. my mom having regular headache problem ,her eye vision is also affected ,feels thirsty …..but her diabetes test comes negative which was conducted 3 month back .the is still not known ..please suggest me proper direction of treament.

  14. Hello, i am suffring fron initial stage of diabatise . I want to know about the precuation and updates regarding this. Plz help me

  15. i want to know about precautions to be taken on diabetes.

  16. I am at the early stage of diabities.it is 105 fasting & 135 after fasting.
    pls advice.

  17. Please guide me about the diet chart and type of exercise to be carried by the diabetic person

  18. my dad was suffering from higher stage of diabetics(insulin stage). please send the precautions to avoid this to become more dangerous. pls

  19. my father is a diabetic patient his age is 52,after diet his sugar level is 293(+++). please send some important precautions to reduce sugar level as early as possible.

  20. my mother is a diabities so plz update n advice us what is best remeady n died etc.

  21. aoa hi i am arslan rafi. I am so worried about my father he is 42years old and he is suffering for last 6month with diabete. last we just checked up and he got that diease. Now i want complete precaution about his diease and want exercise and food chart.
    I am you will help me time to time.


  22. I am 37 yrs old and just find glucose in fasting suger which is 206 kindly advise me what i have to do

  23. i am 37years man i was suffering type2 daibetic sympton last five years , now i have suffering ejeculating and impotence problam i need your opinion can i get good treatment for this problam.and tell me what i have to take oral or local

    hope fully given good answer

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