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Children Born Of HIV Affected Mothers: Issues Relevant To Language Learning

Study of national institute of health and Human development

Language learning is a lifelong process, and it begins soon after a baby’s birth.  It was thought previously that children born to HIV affected mothers were late in learning languages. That’s because treatment is supposed to continue, in order that the child is affected from contracting HIV virus.  As per the recent researches, HIV treatment does not harm the language development of a child.   Fetus in the womb does not get affected by the treatment and the child after birth does not suffer from any kind of learning disorders.

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All About Dementia Training

Why Dementia Training?

Dementia is a growing illness in the society and there is a lot being done in the struggle to find appropriate ways to treat and deal patients diagnosed with the disease. While there are drugs and medication to relieve patients to some extent, the most important requirement in dealing with Dementia is a well-trained carer who is aware of the various facts about the disease and is well-versed with the methods to deal with the needs and requirements of the patients.

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Elderly and Mobility: What are the Options?

Whether you are researching for yourself or a loved one, today’s advancements in technology mean that there are various options available for aiding mobility. If you and your loved one’s mobility is deteriorating with age, it can often be frustrating and terrifying. But finding the right help will improve quality of life as well as helping to regain that feeling of independence.

If you are looking for ways to help with your mobility, here are the different options available today. Most mobility experts are able to help you find the most suitable aids for your situation.

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How to Make Driving Accessible to Everyone

As technology advances, the ability to drive expands to more and more people, who might not have been able to before. And while disability cars have been around for years, only now are they becoming stylish and more desirable. If you have a disability and you wish to drive, then there are a wide variety of options available to you.

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Mouth Blisters-Causes and Cures

In medical jargon, mouth blisters are termed as aphthous stomatitis. These blisters are ulcer like in their formation and growth. Painfulness is one of the symptoms. But there are blisters which are free from pain. Some of the painless sores may turn out to be cancerous. Thus, at the very outset, you need to rule out such an issue.

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