Facts About Menopause: Every Women Should Be Aware of It!

Menopause is a natural phase for every woman. When a woman is not having her periods for almost a year, then it’s medically considered that her ovaries are not able to produce as they used to before. Symptoms of menopause include both emotional as well as physical signs, like mood swing, hot flashes, having problems in sleeping etc. However there are various medicines are available in the market, which can support women, during those initial months. Though most people experience menopause after turning 50, however, many women have also experienced it during their 40’s too. Because of family history or physical condition they can experience this early in their life. Continue reading “Facts About Menopause: Every Women Should Be Aware of It!”

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast cancer survivors who are in remission are often still worried about the breast cancer returning. To recognize a recurrence of breast cancer, it is important to understand your personal risk that cancer may return, as well as keeping an eye out for additional warning signs.

Understand Your Personal Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

The risk of breast cancer recurrence continues even after five years of therapy. The risk of breast cancer recurrence is unique to each individual and is based in part on the type of cancer that was originally diagnosed. For example, the risk of recurrence associated with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer differs from that of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer. In addition, certain molecular characteristics of the tumor also contribute to an individual’s risk of breast cancer recurrence. Continue reading “Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Recurrence”

How Obesity Impacts Your Body and Health

When you are too much over weight or have excess body fat then it can impact your body badly. Because of your excess weight you can develop ailments like, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high BP, severe heart related ailments etc.

Risk of Respiratory Disorders:

Obesity can lower the capability of your lung & which in turn can lead to various respiratory infections. They can even develop respiratory disarray or asthma too. Sleep apnea is another condition which mostly develops in obese people. OSA or sleep apnea occurs when extra fat gets stored in areas like tongue, throat & neck. During our sleep it blocks the air passageway &hence we develop serious breathing disorders. This can also cause the lowering of the oxygen level in our blood. Sleep apnea or OSA can lead to conditions like heart failure, stroke, sudden death, pulmonary hypertension, high BP etc. Because of sleep apnea usually patients don’t get their usual sleep & it can cause drowsiness also.

Enhances The Chance of Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke:

Obesity cause injury to our total circulatory system, which can enhance the possibility of stroke. However it can also cause several other stroke causing consideration like, lipid abnormalities, obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, heart ailment, type 2 diabetes etc.

Chances of High BP or Hypertension:

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People with obesity are most likely to have an increased risk of high blood pressure or hypertension. Study suggested that three out of four high BP cases are linked with obesity or excess weight. Hypertension patents are quite vulnerable to developing CHF or congestive heart failure, kidney problems, CHD or coronary heart ailment or even stroke.

Developing Diabetes:

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According to several researches, obesity can enhance the risk of type 2 diabetes. People suffering from extreme obesity have ten times more chances of developing this ailment. This deadly disease can lead to situations like, blindness, high BP, heart ailments, kidney problems, stroke, amputations, impotence, various infections, nerve or even circulatory damages etc.

Chances of Cancer:

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In USA every year more than half million people get effected by cancer. Out of that almost 90,000 cancer related deaths are believed to happen because of obesity. These types of cancer are, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, gallbladder cancer, colorectal cancer, postmenopausal breast cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma etc.

Growing Possibility of Bone/Joint Damage and Accidents:

bones Joint Damage
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Overweight, mostly severely over weight people can experience various joint or bone damages, such as spinal disorder, disc herniation, gout or even osteoarthritis, a situation linked with visual impairment, headache &  disorientation also popularly known as pseudotumorcerebri.

Risk of Heart Disease:

Risk of Heart Disease
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According to various researches approx. 600,000 people in USA die each year because of heart ailments. As per the American Heart Association, obesity is one of the main causes of heart ailment. Coronary artery ailment has been discovered to be quite common among people with obesity. Obesity can lead to situations like arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat, heart failure, cardiac arrest etc.

Condition like, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD):

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease motivates intestinal secretions or stomach acid to leak into our esophagus. Some regular signs are throwing up or vomiting, hoarseness, indigestion, coughing during night, heartburn etc.

Various other conditions can also appear, like suicidal thoughts because of depression, alzheimer’s, septicemis, miscarriages, polycystic ovarian syndrome,  preeclampsia or even developing maternal gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, skin rashes, urinary leakage/ incontinence, infertility etc.

So make sure you are having a healthy weight & try to avoid junk food & over eating. Doesn’t matter how busy you are, you need to manage some time daily for exercises. If required don’t hesitate to visit a professional.

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Home Remedies For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

By enhancing the level of blood sugar in human body, this situation influences the body’s capability of manufacturing insulin or even utilizing it properly.  Though there are several treatment options available, however the following home remedies have also proved to be quite effective on your sugar level. Some of the few home remedies are:

Kerala/ Bitter Gourd:

Bitter Gourd
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Polypeptide-P is a chemical that is pretty similar to insulin produced by the human body. Bitter gourd has a rich content of Polypeptide-P. It has the ability to lower the blood sugar level from our bodies.  Because of its rich concentration of momordicin & charatin this is a very useful product to control your blood sugar level.You can have it as a curry or boiled vegetable or even make its juice & consume it.

Mango Leaves:

Mango Leaves
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Take a glass of water & add almost 10-15 mango leaves in it. Allow it to boil & let it stay overnight. On the very next morning use the strainer to get the water & consume it in empty stomach. It’s a very useful home remedy for controlling your sugar level.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla:

Indian Gooseberry
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It’s a rich supplier of vitamin C & is able to enhance the activities of your pancreas. Try to extract almost two teaspoons of its juice & pour it in a glass full of water & then drink. If you are able to drink this mixture on a daily basis, then it will help your body to control the blood sugar level. You can also add a pinch of turmeric in 2 teaspoons of Amla juice & consume it.

Tulsi or Basil Leaves:

Basil Leaves
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Basil leave is a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are mainly responsible for getting rid of the oxidative related stress in the human body. It also contain essential oils, which help in reducing the sugar level. To keep it under control you need to drink two tablespoon of basil extract daily in an empty stomach.

Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek Seeds
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This extreme source of fiber is a nice option for home remedies to control sugar level. You can soak these seeds in a glass of water whole night & drink the water in the morning. You can even make powder of these seeds & pour it in a glass full of milk.

Cinnamon Powder:

Cinnamon Powder
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This is believed to be one of the most useful remedies for diabetes. In a saucepan pour 1 liter of water, then add almost ¾ tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Let it heat for almost 15/20 minutes. Use strainer to strain it & allow it to cool down. Consuming this on a daily basis will help you to control your blood sugar level.

Banyan Tree Bark:

Banyan Tree Bark
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Take four glasses of water & add ficus bark (almost twenty gram). Let it boil till the water reduces to about one glass. Allow it to cool down & then drink it. Drinking this mixture regularly will help you to lower your sugar level.

Green Tea:

green tea
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Green tea is known for its unfermented feature as well as a great supplier of polyphenol. It’s a hypo glycemic compound as well as a hardy antioxidant too, which helps in discharging blood sugar & supports our body to utilize the insulin as well.

Use of Neem:

Use of Neem
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You can find this anywhere in India. It has various utilities. Not only it helps in controlling our blood sugar level, it can also enhance the blood circulation in our body too. on a daily basis try to drink the juice of tender neem leaves every morning in an empty stomach & you will get benefitted from its various helpful aspects.


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You can consume triphala with some other ingredients too. Take similar portions of barberry root, colocynth, turmeric powder (4 gm) & moth (twenty ml) & consume it twice daily.

Some more foods that are useful as home remedies rebel, spinach,barley, green gram, garlic, horse gram, garlic, blue berry, jamun, cucumber, wheat, soybean etc.

Foods that you need to stay away from are cakes, root rhizome, jiggery, ghee, sugar cane juice, sugar, ghee/purified butter, curd, cold drinks, junk foods, alcohol, biscuits, carb rich products etc.

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How to Stop or Reduce Snoring Habit at Night

Are you frustrated by your sleep partner who keeps you awake all night long with noisy snoring? Have you even found yourself woken up from sleep because of your own snoring? No matter what you’re thinking about this, snoring is a natural occurrence. Everyone snores from time to time, so it is usually not something you should worry about. This occurs due to the reluctant movements of the throat that as it gets relaxed during sleep.

Here’s how you can to stop or at least reduce snoring throughout the night.

Self-help Strategies to Prevent Snoring:

Self-help Strategies to Prevent Snoring
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If your snoring doesn’t get serious yet, you should consider self-help strategies. Those act as a preventive measure and refer to sleep techniques or lifestyle changes.

As for the sleep techniques, you need to here are some bedtime tips that can to help you get rid of snoring.

  • Change or correct your sleeping position. Try to prop your body up when sleeping. If you prefer sleeping on your back, add several pillows to lift yourself up. You should also consider adding a few flat boards under the legs of your bed. Make sure to place them under each leg at the top end. That will raise the head of the bed and do the trick if the snoring is minor.
  • Sleep on your side. Using a full-length body pillow can help you maintain this position. It supports your whole body when lying in bed. If it can’t prevent you from sleeping on your back, there’s a little trick with a tennis ball. Sew a tennis ball (or a couple of tennis balls) to the back of your pajamas/sleeping shirt. That will make you feel uncomfortable lying on your back.
  • Clear nasal passages. Are you suffering from a stuffy nose? If so, it’s a good idea to clear it before bed by rinsing sinuses with saline. You may also consider using nasal strips or a neti pot.
  • Practice singing or take up the didgeridoo. Maybe this sounds strange to you, but it can be useful for preventing snoring. This way you’ll strengthen your throat muscles, so that will block air when sleeping.
  • Keep your bedroom humid. Dry air irritates membranes in the throat and nose, and thus triggers snoring. Take a hot bath before bed or use a humidifier to keep your breathing channels moist.

When it comes to the lifestyle changes, you need to:

Medical Treatments:


Medical Treatment
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If these self-help solutions didn’t yield results, you should use a mouth guard or appliance. There is a wide range of anti snoring devices available today, which can help you stop snoring. Yet, it could be a daunting task to choose a device that will suit both your lifestyle and needs. Most of them use a thermoplastic and come in one size that fits all. It’s also possible fitting to ensure a device feels comfortable on your face.

Otherwise, you can talk to your doctor. There are some medical cures and treatments for snoring, including:

Talk to an otolaryngologist to find the best option. Luckily, there are many new advances that address this problem. They are becoming more comfortable and effective all the time. That makes all the difference to people who want stop snoring and sleep better at night.

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Growing Trend of Type 2 Diabetes Among Children

Earlier type 2 diabetes was looked upon as an adult ailment, however this concept has changed completely. In the year of 2008 & 2009 almost five thousand people below the age of twenty has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In the current scenario this ailment is quite common among children of ages between ten to nineteen.

This is a kind of persistent situation which leaves a significant impact on the process of metabolizing glucose undertaken by the human body.

Following signs could help you to detect the problem early:

  • Kids suffering from diabetes usually don’t get adequate insulin which can give their cells enough fuel. So food becomes the leading option for providing energy & you can see them getting hungry very frequently.
  • When you find your kid extremely tried or feeling sleepy all the time then that’s an indication that something is wrong. This condition is caused because their body might not be getting adequate sugar to activate their usual body activities.
  • When you find your kid visiting the restroom quite often, then there might be a chance that high blood sugar level in their blood stream is extracting fluid out of their tissues making them visit the bathroom very frequently.
  • Extreme thirst is another indicator of excess blood sugar levels.
  • Sometimes insulin hindrance can lead to skin darkness, which is also known as acanthosis nigricans. Usually this problem arises around the neck or armpit areas.
  • If your kid is experiencing quite slow rate of healing of their infections or any kind of wounds, this might be the indicator of type 2 diabetes.
  • Some more indicators are unusual weight loss, itchy skin, dry mouth, heavy breathing, blurred vision etc.

Children could develop risk of diabetes when they have the following:

  • When your child’s body mass index is more than 85% they have greater chances of experiencing type 2 diabetes.
  • When family members or close relatives have the same ailment.
  • If they are belong to Native American or pacific or Asian islander or African decent or Latino communities.
  • Girls have been identified to be more vulnerable to this ailment.
  • If they have a problem, known as insulin resistance.

Some other situations, which can contribute to the risk factor are:

  • Insufficient exercise or physical activity.
  • If an adult family member is overweight, it can affect the kid later.
  • Some typical medical situation or hormonal problems.
  • Poor eating. Etc.

Some preventive measures that your child can take are:

  • Encourage your kid to have a healthy diet. Limit their carbs as well as sugar intake. It could help them minimize the risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Make sure your kid is participating in some regular exercises. You need to limit their board game or television & encourage them to go out & play. Exercise always plays an important role in averting diabetes.
  • Healthy lifestyle, like well-balanced diet, regular exercise can help them in maintaining athletic weight.
  • They tend to follow you in every aspect of life. So you need to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle in front of them, so that they can follow you without any hesitance.

Probable future side effects:

  • Children suffering from type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop some serious health issues as they grow old. Some of such ailments are, vascular ailments, damaging nerve, eye disorder etc. Such problems usually grow faster among children with type 2 diabetes than type 1.
  • Problems like hypoglycemia, weight managing problem, high BP, kidney disorder are some other ailments, which they can experience in their lifetime.

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